"Development is about being more not having more."


Philanthropic advisory is a major component of our services.

While we have our own focus on diverse programs and projects, you are free to discuss your goals. We want to team up with you to change the enviroment and society for the better.

While each of our programs may support various causes, the majority of our philanthropic activities worldwide focus on animal rescue. We have a deep commitment to those who can not raise their voice, our expertise in philanthropy roots in the aid for the living creatures here on earth.

We know that many affluent persons share the need to do something for the better, but lack the time and will to figure everything out themselves. That is when Perpetuum Capital gets into the game, we advise, manage and guide on charitable activities.  

Do you want to be part of that vision? Do you want to make a difference?

Let`s shape the wold for a better tomorrow! 

Perpentuum Capital believes that giving back to the community through contributing to charitable organizations brings a dimension to life that is rewarding in many untold ways. 

Charities we support