Preserving Capital

Strategies Beyond the Mainstream



Preserving Capital

Strategies Beyond the Mainstream

Preserving Capital, is a book about valuable investment solutions for the conservative minded investor who is concerned about safety, guaranteed return, flexibility, asset protection and privacy. A variety of solutions will be presented and widely explained.

News Update

The Evolution of a Nigerian Scammer

Nigerian scammers have come a long way since the days of posing as a prince who needs help hiding his vast fortune.

DataBreachToday, - 03/25/2020

A coronavirus-tracking app locked users' phones and demanded $100

A new Android app that promises to deliver up-to-date figures on the coronavirus pandemic includes a strain of malicious software that locks up a user’s phone and demands an extortion fee. The ransomware app, called CovidLock, threatens to erase everything on an infected phone if victims don’t pay $100 in bitcoin.

CyberScoop,  - 03/18/2020

Cybersecurity Sector Faces Reckoning After Coronavirus Hits

Wall Street Suffers Worst Loss in 12 Years; White House Floats Stimulus Package.

DataBreachToday,  - 03/11/2020

The Ongoing Search for Indicators of Behavior

Indicators of compromise are important. But what if you could also detect patterns of behavior that tip you off before a crime?

DataBreachToday,  - 03/04/2020

CIA Secretly Owned Swiss Encryption Firm for Years

German and US Intelligence Reportedly Used Company's Equipment to Spy on 100 Countries.

Data Breach Today,  - 02/19/2020

Beware of Spoofed Job Application Portals

The FBI's Internet Crime Compliant Center has issued an alert warning that fraudsters are using spoofed job application portals and websites to steal personal information, including payment card details, from would-be applicants.

Data Breach Today,  - 01/29/2020

US Conflict With Iran Sparks Cybersecurity Concerns

The death of Major General Qasem Soleimani, along with several others, in a U.S. drone strike at a Baghdad airport spurred immediate calls by Iran's leaders for retaliation.

Data Breach Today,  - 01/01/2020


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Is your fund trading too much?

Rapidly trading funds are a drag on performance, as research shows 

 By Perpetuum Capital,, 04/29/2014

Increasing performance through smart cost management

Charges are eating your returns, but how can you manage your investments that you don´t loose to much of your performance to fee´s and costs? 

 By Perpetuum Capital,, 01/22/2014

Consider alternative investments to avoid losses

Plenty of options available to hedge against stock market turmoils

By Perpetuum Capital,, 12/18/2013

Evaluation of your money manager

Competitive Verification is your advantage

By Perpetuum Capital,, 11/27/2013

Bond investors hedge

Diversity in uncertainty with interest rates tilted higher in U.S., reaching abroad can add balance

By Perpetuum Capital,, 11/11/2013

Protecting your assets in uncertain times

Focussing on protecting assets is of growing concern for wealthy individuals – here is how and why

By Perpetuum Capital,, 10/25/2013

Choosing an advisor – what sets us apart

Keep an eye on these key words when looking for advice, or ask us outright!

By Perpetuum Capital,, 10/21/2013

IRS rules for stress free foreign accounts

Do you hold foreign investments? You better follow these rules

By Perpetuum Capital,, 10/07/2013

Research Update - Retirement traps to avoid

Budget busters can be a big threat in retirement – that ́s why it is very important to be aware of them. 

By Perpetuum Capital,, 09/30/2013

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