"Thoughts shape reality"

What we do

Thank you very much for your interest in our company and your visit to our website. How can we help you?

Perpetuum Capital focusses on 3 core areas:

Family Office Services

Project management, organization, crossborder business, tax, finance and controlling ⇾ if things do not progress as expected, we gladly help you out.

Information Security, Risk Management and Compliance

Do you have questions on how to adapt to the changing regulatory and/or cybersecurity environment? We cover the entire spectrum of information security, risk and compliance management. One of our key services is helping clients in implementing and maintaining information security, risk and compliance frameworks.


If you are as bored as we are by the usual phrases "trustworthy", "holistic", "preserve", "independent", etc., then we are your match. We are a small powerhouse, and we go for all except standard!

Adding real value for our clients, that is our benchmark.

Your wish is our command.

Curious? Challenge us!


Karoly Aczél, Managing Director


Mr. Aczél holds various finance and compliance degrees from Germany (Dipl. Betriebswirt), USA (MBA in Finance) and Switzerland (Compliance).

During his professional tenure, Mr. Aczél has worked for various companies in Europe and the US.

Defining for him was the impression that many companies deal too much with what is not possible instead of with what is possible.

Innovation, efficiency and "constantly learning and growing" are his main drivers.


Perpetuum Capital pursues a simple but very important strategy for its team: Our goal is to satisfy our clients in a way so that they always recommend us.

Respect, honesty and fairness toward our clients and our employees is our greatest principle.




Our people are our most important asset - our employees are a group of experienced and dedicated people who are active in the community, and encouraged to use personal initiative, exercise sound judgment, and take well-reasoned risks.

Fair, honest, respectful behavior - our employees exhibit integrity and honorable behavior at all times; we treat clients as people, not numbers; we have a commitment towards compliance.

Open communication - we say what we mean, and do what we say; feedback is encouraged at all levels of the organization; we maintain open and honest communications with clients at all times; we openly identify problems.

We lead by example – we set high standards, and are accountable for results; we see problems as opportunities, not obstacles.

Outstanding client service experience- our employees strive to understand each client's situation and needs; we work with your schedule, not our schedule.