Hey Alexa. Is This My Voice Or a Recording?

Researchers Develop Tool to Detect Replay Attacks Against Voice Assistants.

DataBreachToday, www.databreachtoday.com - 07/08/2020

Ransomware Gangs Go (Lady) Gaga for Data Breaches

Behold what could be this summer's biggest data breach: On July 1, the REvil - aka the Sodinokibi or Sodin - gang is promising to kick off three months of auctions for stolen data pertaining to such performers and athletes as Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and LeBron James. Bids start at $600,000. But before the auction begins, one lucky buyer can purchase "the entire archive of documents" for $42 million.

DataBreachToday, www.databreachtoday.com - 07/01/2020

Maze Ransomware Gang Continues Data-Leaking Spree

The Maze ransomware gang is continuing to exfiltrate data from victims before crypto-locking their systems, then leaking the data to try to force non-payers to accede to its ransom demands.

DataBreachToday, www.databreachtoday.com - 06/24/2020

How Fraudsters Search for Victims Online

Insights on Detecting and Thwarting Fraud Schemes

DataBreachToday, www.databreachtoday.com - 06/17/2020

Breach Victims Rarely Change Passwords

Even after being notified that their personal data has been compromised in a breach, only about a third of users change their passwords - and

most of these are not strong or unique.

DataBreachToday, www.databreachtoday.com - 06/10/2020