Beware of Emails Asking You to "Confirm Your Unsubscribe" Request

These emails should never be clicked on or responded to as they are designed to harvest working email addresses or to perform some other type of scam.

Bleeping Computer, - 08/14/2019

Warning As Iranian State Hackers Target LinkedIn Users With Dangerous New Malware

The campaign has been targeting LinkedIn users with plausible but bogus invitations to join a professional network and emailed attachments laced with malware that seeks to infect systems with a hidden backdoor and steal data and credentials.

Forbes Magazine, - 07/24/2019

Attacker’s Use of OneDrive as a Malicious File Host Jumps Over 3200% in Q1

Dropbox continues to dominate, having the most detections, but increases are seen for Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. 

KnowBe4,  - 07/17/2019

Scam Of The Week: Microsoft OneNote Audio Note Phishing Emails

Phishing scammers are coming up with more innovative methods to convince their targets to provide login credentials. Such is the case with a new OneNote Audio Note phishing campaign that is currently underway. 

KnowBe4,  - 07/10/2019

Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency: Cybercriminals tipping the scales in their favor

Since Facebook’s announcement on June 18, there has been a gold rush, with people scrambling to register a myriad of domain permutations that infringe on the new trademarks. 

digital shadows,  - 07/02/2019