Hey Jack, How Was Your Account Hacked?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account on the social media service was hijacked....

DataBreachToday, www.databreachtoday.com - 09/11/2019

New ransomware grows 118% as cybercriminals adopt fresh tactics and code innovations

The number of new ransomware samples more than doubled in the first quarter of this year, a new study by McAfee Labs shows. New ransomware increased by 118%.

HelpNetSecurity, www.helpnetsecurity.com - 09/04/2019

Business email compromise and romance scams that led to millions of dollars in fraud

Over the last year, law enforcement has been warning companies and individuals about business email compromise schemes, which are also called CEO fraud.These schemes often start with attackers stealing the email credentials of a top executive through phishing or other methods.

DataBreach, www.databreachtoday.com - 08/28/2019

A State-of-the-Art Spoof (or, Why Turning Your Users Into Grammar Nazis Won't Keep the Bad Guys Out)

Malicious actors are becoming very skilled at exploiting popular online services that enjoy the familiarity and trust of millions of users. And the phishing emails landing in users' inboxes are, likewise, becoming ever more dangerous and difficult to detect.

KnowBe4, www.knowbe4.com - 08/24/2019

Beware of Emails Asking You to "Confirm Your Unsubscribe" Request

These emails should never be clicked on or responded to as they are designed to harvest working email addresses or to perform some other type of scam.

Bleeping Computer, www.bleepingcomputer.com - 08/14/2019