It’s the Stock Market, Stupid

Growth is OK now but is likely to decelerate. That’s a relatively sanguine assessment, but less comforting to those who might be checking their brokerage accounts after such a tumultuous week.

Barrons, - 12/11/2018

Capital Gains, Dividends: It’s Distributions Season

Many investors make buy, sell decisions based on tax consequences

Investors Business Daily, - 11/17/2018

Millionaire Retirement Account Ranks Are Up

The main question is: How can you build your IRA, 401(k) balances?

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Choosing Best Medicare Plan Can Save Big Bucks

New Open Enrollment Underway Until Dec. 7; How To Pick Coverage

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6 Tips For Pumping Up Your 401(k)’s Balance

Key steps for building a nest egg include not stealing from yourself

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