Attacker’s Use of OneDrive as a Malicious File Host Jumps Over 3200% in Q1

Dropbox continues to dominate, having the most detections, but increases are seen for Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. 

KnowBe4,  - 07/17/2019

Scam Of The Week: Microsoft OneNote Audio Note Phishing Emails

Phishing scammers are coming up with more innovative methods to convince their targets to provide login credentials. Such is the case with a new OneNote Audio Note phishing campaign that is currently underway. 

KnowBe4,  - 07/10/2019

Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency: Cybercriminals tipping the scales in their favor

Since Facebook’s announcement on June 18, there has been a gold rush, with people scrambling to register a myriad of domain permutations that infringe on the new trademarks. 

digital shadows,  - 07/02/2019

1.5 Billion Gmail Calendar Users are the Target of a Crafty New Phishing Scam

Scammers send a Google user a calendar invite complete with meeting topic and location information.

KnowBe4,  - 06/27/2019

Voicemail Phishing Scam Steals Credentials

A new phishing campaign is asking victims to click on a link in an email to download a voicemail. When recipients click on the link, they’ll be redirected to a SharePoint phishing site with an embedded PDF file.

KnowBe4,  - 06/18/2019