Time To Round Up Any Losses

Write-Offs For 2014 Watch out for 30-day wash rule on any stocks you want to buy back 

Investors Business Daily, www.investors.com 11/24/2014 

Can Your 401(k) Be A Pension?

It’s Getting Closer Treasury Department OKs use of deferred income annuity in plans  

Investors Business Daily, www.investors.com 11/17/2014 

Why Stock Funds Win Long Term

Bonds Aren’t Enough Rallies are bigger and last longer than bear markets, data show  

Investors Business Daily, www.investors.com 11/09/2014 

Medicare Open Enrollment Tips

You Have Until Dec. 7 Satisfied? Stand pat. Otherwise, here are your coverage choices  

Investors Business Daily, www.investors.com 11/03/2014 

Dental Care Eats Retiree Budgets

5 Ways To Cut Costs Look for insurance through AARP, AMAC; talk with your dentist 

Investors Business Daily, www.investors.com 10/20/2014